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Orthopaedic Department
Information for Parents/Carers of children having insertion of 8 Plates


Your child has been listed to have insertion of 8 Plates (small metal plates approx. 2cmx1cm in size secured in place by two screws). The 8 Plates are used to stop the growth in one area of your child’s bone while allowing the rest of the bone to grow normally, this technique is to correct deformity or slow down the growth in the longer limb while allowing the shorter limb to catch up. The Consultant/Surgeon will have explained to you as part of the consent process, what the aim of the treatment is for your child.

Admission to Hospital

Your child will be admitted on the morning of the operation. The length of the stay is expected to be one to two nights. Your child will be discharged as soon as he/she is up mobilising and comfortable. Your child will be allowed to weight bear as much as they can tolerate so may need to use crutches.

Initial After Care

Your child will have dressings on small surgical incision and these should be kept dry for seven to ten days. The dressings can then be removed and left free. Your child may have a clinic appointment or be advised to see their GP Practice Nurse for the wounds to be checked. Your child’s rate of recovery to normal activities will depend on the number of 8 Plates inserted. It is normal to have some swelling around the knee after insertion of 8 Plate(s) in the lower femur (thigh bone) or tibia (upper shin bone). Normal activities should be possible by four-six weeks post-op.

Long Term Follow Up

THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE TREATMENT PLAN is to ensure your child attends the regular appointments every four months to ensure the progress of the correction is closely monitored with x-rays. Failure to attend follow up appointments can lead to over correction of the deformity and your child will then be at risk of needing further treatment that may involve much larger operations.

If you have to cancel an appointment or we at the hospital cancel your child’s appointment, please ensure you have a new appointment within a month.